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2019-2020 Evaluations start Monday May 13th!




Class Information

  • All tumbling classes $90.00 for 8 weeks
  • Beginner Basics and Jump Class $45.00 for 8 weeks
  • Flex Zone $80.00 for 8 weeks
  • Privates - $30 per 1/2 hour 1 student
  • Partner Stunting Privates $40 Per 1/2 hour partner stunt
  • Yearly Registration is $50.00 for first child and $10.00 for siblings 
  • Open gym $5 for everyone  

Class Descriptions

  • Beginner Basics Class (3-5 years old)- Learning cartwheels, round offs, front limbers and bridges
  • Basics (5 - 11 years old)  - This class is designed to learn the basics, in an age appropriate environment: cartwheels, round offs, flexibilty and all the skills neeed to move into BHS 101.
  • BHS Class - The goal... to achieve a standing as well as a round off backhandspring while working on proper form. **must have cartwheel, round-off and backwalkover for admittance.
  • Adv. BHS- from standing series to round off backhandspring series, this class will teach you correct form while improving your overrall backhandspring; must have a standing BHS and a roundd-off BHS for admittance.
  • Tuck Class - round off tucks, standing tucks and backhandsprings into tucks are what this class is all about; you must have round off 3 bhs and standing 3 bhs for admittance
  • Layout Class -  Perfecting body form and height of the layout, this class is designed to teach the athlete how to execute a layout correctly. Must have round off BHBT and standing series BHST for admittance.
  • Twisters Class - for the elite tumbler who wants to take it to the next level! From layout to fulls and double fulls, this class is for those striving to be the best ! Must have a layout, standing tuck and toe touch BHST for admittance.
  • Flex Zone - this class is a must for all flyers and required by our allstar flyers. From scorpions, to stretches and eventually that bow n arrow, this class will help you master flexibility for stunts and jumps
  • Jumps to Make Em Jealous - the name says it all; clean up technique, work on combination jumps and as they say, practice makes perfect so jump, jump, jump!

*Please check the Calendar for class times and important dates/closures each month*